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Phi Phi Scuba Diving Center
The High season is here at last with conditions good enough to dive not just Phi Phi Marine Parks many sites
but also the King Cruiser wreck, Koh Ha Five islands , Hin Deng Hin Maung!!!
Also Its turning out to be a great season for whale Sharks and Manta rays with over 15 whale sharks sighted since mid September and Mantas on the majority of Hin Deng trips
see you all soon.
We dived Sail Rock today with 15-20m vis. As always the abunce of fish life hanging off the east pinnacle. With another special treat instore for all our divers a young female Whale Shark. Both dives she was seen and seem to hang around for us, with no other boat there we had her all to ourselves. What a speacial treat.

 We were at Sail Rock yesterday and the viz was still 10-15 metres, which is great for this time of year.

Although no Whale Shark, the big schools of trevaly, snapper and fusiliers are still there and the big Baracuda seem to be getting bigger. And the Giant Moray was back in his favourite spot just along from the window of the chimney at 11m. Thumbnail image for Giant Moray  

Great Dive on King Cruiser wreck

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Yet another gorgeous day on the azure Andaman Sea, with brilliant sun and beaming smiles all around the boat. The dive on the King Cruiser began with moderate current, dropping down the stern onto the leeward side of the wreck to view the intact massive propellers, followed by a leisurely cruise along the port side spotting multiple species of colorful frilly nudibranch and lurking bearded scorpion fish. Pushing around the bow to view packs of hunting lionfish, we then moved on to a cinematic drift dive down the starboard side among enveloping clouds of snapper and fusiliers. We had a lot of happy divers with big smiles on their faces on the way back!

Whale Shark stays around

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We visited The Ang Thong National Marine Park for the 2nd time in 5 days. What with the weather the visability had dropped to 2-5 m. At the end of the 2nd dive on our saftey stop a beautiful 4-5m Whale Shark swam past, snorkellers and divers alike had aexperience of a lifetime.

PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens from Koh Samui had his three candidates pass with flying colours during the recent PADI IE, held on Koh Tao from 14th to 16th October 2008.


IE Closing ceremony 007 Dream.JPG

In the picture from left to right; Rob Scammell (PADI Examiner), Xavier Panangadon (OWSI), Camille Lemmens (PADI Course Director), Maurice van den Heuvel (OWSI) and Tom Hollinshead (OWSI).

Well done guys and congratulations!

There was a 5/6m female Whale Shark at Sail Rock again yesterday. She stayed around the site most of the day, including swimming around the boat on our surface interval so we could all go snorkelling with her. Viz was about 15m and everybody had a great day.

WS SR1610 092.jpg

2 Apollo Underwater Scooters for Sale

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2 Apollo Scooters. Both Serviced, 2 Spare Batteries, 2 Transport Cases, Powerful, Variable Pitch Props.

Contact Andy +66811700201

the day started relaxed...but that was just the quiet before the storm.
after watching a few chapters on the dvd suddenly someone walked in with a baby on her arm, completely in panic.. time for 1 off the EFR candidates to get into action.
after trying to get some air into the babies lungs they found out that the airway was blocked, few good hits on the back and out it came.....first emergency response of the day succesfull.
then we decided to get some of the local thai kids in, put some ketchup on them and put them outside in the middle of the pier,-which is really busy with tourists- under a bike...time for the next response.
again after a few minutes and a few bandages -and a few surprised onlookers- 2 children saved!!!!
and after a few more scenarios and the final exam - and a lot of fun- we turned 4 divers into qualified emergency first responders for children, one of them was so happy with it that she decided to become an EFR instructor to, and as i write this she is taking the EFR instructor course with Kristel Golsteyn (our boss) at BB divers.

Today's dive sites were Koh Yippon Yia and Koh Yippon Noi at the National marine park the travel time by Speed boat was 50mins from Koh Phangan and the reported visability was 10 m with flat seas. A variety of fishes from Rays, snapper to the highlight  of the dive a 6m Whale Shark which stayed with the divers for 15-20 mins.First spotted by our eagle eyed skipper Lem.

German Speaker wanted

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German speaking Instructor wanted for permanent job with work permit.

Preferably somebody looking to stay for at least 6 months.

If you are interested send details to info@thediveacademysamui.com

2008-2009 Open Season Koh Lanta

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First EFR Course Couple.
We are so glad to welcome a couple, Milly from UK. and Matt from Australia. They take PADI EFR (Emergency First Response) with Go Dive in October 2008, and then PADIRescue Diver Course also. You can see their photos and videos at be my guest blog. If you are interested in any PADI courses, please contact us. We will serve you with the best value.

See our dive courses at www.Godive-lanta.com

Koh Tao and Sailrock today

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Discovery Dive Centre Today we went to both Koh Tao and Sailrock. Koh Tao very good conditions once arriving there as we were sheltered by the island from the wind.

Sailrock was good visibility but quite choppy as we were exposed to the waves, in fact we had to go to Koh Mar for the second dive as it was too choppy at sailrock to remain.

Chloe Hunt from the Greens Fins Project based in Phuket came to Samui and gave a presentation to the staff from 100 Degrees East and The Dive Academy. The presentation was about promoting the Green Fins Code of Conduct and on how to conduct a Reef Watch Survey.

The following day staff from both dive centres joined Chloe on Chaweng Reef for a Reef Watch training dive and they were shown how to collect and record the data. The data was sent to Green Fins to be kept on the database. Data from further surveys will be compared to the database and this will give an indication of any changes to the condition of the reef.

For more information on Green Fins: www.greenfins-thailand.org 

Whale Shark

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We dived Sail Rock this morning and had another Whale Shark this is the 2nd sighting in 5 days. Sea conditions were good and visibility 15- 20m.

Krabi High Season Is Here!

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Ao Nang Beach Sunset.jpgOfficial high season is here, and due to the current world financial crisis we're expecting a low business volume this season - that means uncrowded dive sites!
Dive boats are now going out to all the sites around Phi Phi, the local islands off Ao Nang beach, Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, King Cruiser Wreck, Ko Ha Islands and Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. So if you want to try a one day try-dive or go deep with the Mantas and Whale Sharks, grab your fins and head to Krabi.
Check out the schedule for November at Dive Schedule Online or download it here - diving schedule November.pdf

Beautiful Day Diving

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We visited three dive sites today - Southwest Pinnacle, Shark Island and Sail Rock. It was fantastic conditions at all the three dive sites, especially Shark Island was amazing. We were able to see the ground on 25 m from the boat, the water was crystal clear. At Sail Rock there were loads and loads of fish - big schools of barracuda, bat fish, jacks, fusiliers - an amazingly beautiful day and a stunning sunset on the ocean :)

PADI IDC on it's way on Koh Samui

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During the month of October, PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens is conducting a PADI IDC.

The 3 candidates have just completed their Assistant Instructor part of this IDC and started their Open Water Scuba Instructor or OWSI course today.

Next week the candidates will participate in a PADI Instructor Exam program to be held on Koh Tao.

Discovery dive Centre visited Sailrock today, great conditions with flat seas and great visibility. One side of Sailrock had 15 to 20 m Viz and the other side 25m plus. Loads of marine life from Yellow box fish to 2 giant Barracuda's, tuna, rabbit fish, at least 10 giant groupers, loads of Moray eels, snappers, bat fish and angel fish ( a serious aquarium today ). Only a mild current on one end of the rock but nothing to be concerned over.

No sign of the whaleshark that has been hanging around but still very very good conditions today.

Staff Wanted

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Work Wanted

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Equipment Wanted

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Equipment For Sale

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