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First Whaleshark in this season was spotted two days ago in Similan Islands at Elephant Head Rock.Some guests spotted him at the surface while the divers were enjoying their 2nd dive.Here in Khao Lak we wonder about, when the Manta rays will come to Koh Bon.Shouldn`t be too long! We visit Koh Bon twice a week, Sundays in combination with Koh Tachai southern Plateau.

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PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens has two more successful candidates during the November 2008 Koh Tao IE.


PADI IE Closing ceremony 005 - Copy.JPG

The picture shows from left to right; Christopher Chiovitti (OWSI), PADI Examiner Rob Scammell, PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens and Patrick Fraenkel (OWSI).

Chumpon Pinnacle

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Having had a week of Whale Sharks at Sail Rock we visited Chumpon Pinnacle just off of Koh Tao where you can regularly see Grey reef Sharks a young Bull Sharks. The trip took us 1hr by our Speed boat on a flat calm and sunny day. We started to descend eyes peeled downwards looking for the sharks when we had the big shock to see another Whale Shark! Thats take the count to 7 in 8 days.
whale 22222 006_0002.jpg

Since Khao Lak is back to its well known beauty, divers are having a good time here again. The monsoon activity slowed down and the conditions for diving are perfect. Speed boats did not operate a couple of days in late October due to heavy weather. Just to put it right - We are operating already! Rumors saying `it`s not possible to dive Similans before 15.November` aren`t true. Quite regularly divers are surprised about this information these days. We offer the whole range of dives trips, with daytrips to Similan Islands, Koh Bon - the Manta Ray Magnet, Koh Tachai Plateau and Richelieu Rock, Overnights, Liveaboards 3-9 days, needless to mention, diving course as well, we offer Free Nitrox on board Nam Sai.


NamSai.JPGLast but not least, the Night Life picks up with live music at good old Happy Snapper and a new Disco in town.

 See you onboard!

Whale Shark week!

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The place to dive at the moment seems to be Sail Rock. In the past week we have seen a total of 5 Whale Shark. sometimes the same one but yesterday 2 at the same time. Chancing fate and telling our guest that they have been hanging around we go in search again today with great weather, calm seas and good vis15-20m we finally find him at the end of our second dive. Wow what a week.
The season is now in full swing on Koh Phi Phi with a variety of destinations available ranging from the picturesque Koh Haa, the more adventurous 3-dive wreck trip to the very satisfying local dive sites where whale shark was spotted as recently as 3 days ago! Other species to be found range from leopard sharks to moray eels with everything in between such as lion fish, turtle, sea snake, frog fish, pipe fish, clown fish seahorse, angel fish, black tip reef shark and many more. Needless to say, your odds are greatly enhanced the longer you stay underwater!

So visit Koh Phi Phi Island and experience the best live shore diving in Thailand with Phi Phi Scuba Diving center!
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