New Wrecks found off Koh Chang.....

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Scuba-evolution are keen about finding new wrecks and thats exactly what we are doing. At the start of febuary when are Tec buddies came back to the Island we headed out into the blue with a our black book of marks to see what was down there. We were distracted for 40 minutes when we were overwhelmed by Pilot Whales for as far as the eyes could see. Again everybody suited up and swam with the whales which is the first time for most onboard M.V.Evolution. When we finally made it to the marks we descended on a fishing trawler approx 40 metres long with amazing fish life and some massive grouper to boot!!

The next wreck trip is planned for the end of Febuary and we believe it to be over 100 metres in length and approx. 50metres deep. This again will be another virgin wreck with lots to find and no doubt some great fish life and great visability. Please goto or for further info and pictures of the latest trips.

Safe diving and double up......

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