Lanta Diver 5 Star IDC Center - UPDATE

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Over the last six or seven months since Lanta Diver started this year's high season in October 2008, much has happened. Except for the unfortunate events in Bangkok recently, Koh Lanta has been completely undisturbed and still is, as it always has been, one of Thailand's most precious kept secrets. Now for the first time since Lanta Diver opened 10 years ago, the dive center will remain open all year running day trips and courses!

Recent Diving News!

For the past 2 weeks on every trip to Hin Muang & Hin Daeng, we have seen several manta rays and whale sharks. On some of the dives we even saw manta and the whale sharks swiming side by side. The diving at the moment since the begiining of May has been just tremendous! The diving is great, the visibility is awesome and we're having loads of fun. Come and join us!

Tel: +66 75 668 058 / +66 87 891 4141

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