Diving Koh Samui

We are already half way through August and despite a gloomy global economy, business is brisk and boats are full.
After 16 years in Samui it is great to see the entire island very alive and back to normal with, hotel managers, restaurant owners and Diving Koh Samui tour operators all positive, and bookings are all back to usual seasonal levels.
Here at Bophut Diving School, we are busy renovating Sao Samui 1 (our first boat which has given 10 good years of service) in order to cater for more diver numbers. Sao Samui 2 is out everyday with staff working overtime, keeping it clean and well maintained in order to provide a high level of safety, comfort and customer service.

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  1. Nita says:

    During a recent visit to Koh Samui with my friend, I decided that I really wanted to get my first experience of scuba diving…It’s was fantastic!!

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