PADI IE December 2010 successful with PADI Platinum Course Director Camille Lemmens

All 5 candidates from PADI award winning Platinum Course Director Camille Lemmens, combined from two IDC’s, one in Kao Lak with Julia and Suzanne, in conjunction with Similan Diving Safaris and one IDC with Maja, Emma and Craig, held in conjunction with Scubafish on Koh Lanta, have successfully passed the PADI IE in Phuket.

All candidates of PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens during the December 2010 PADI IE in Phuket

PADI IE December 2010 in Phuket with Platinum PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens, from left to right; Craig, Maja, Emma, Tim (PADI Examiner) Julia, Suzanne, Camille and Jim (PADI Examiner)

Good luck to all of you in your future PADI Instructor careers and for making Camille’s candidates pass rate during 2010 PADI IE’s 100% for this year!

Camille’s next IDC starts 6th January 2011 on Koh Samui.

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2 Responses to PADI IE December 2010 successful with PADI Platinum Course Director Camille Lemmens

  1. Gareth Seltzer says:

    I am trying to arrange some diving at Khao Lak. I had asked whether it would be possible, as a dive professional, to dive with my buddy at a site without the group – but following a briefing. Mike Herz of Manta Point Divers ( told me that I ought to know that diving without a divemaster in the water to show and guide me personally was illegal in Thailand and against PADI rules. He referred me to the PADI regional director and said to ask him or her. This just seems strange. Can anybody clarify this point. If he is right, then I owe him an apology. But he was very straightforward and blunt about it – I needed to hire a divemaster to be in the water with me or I was breaking the law. Having been diving the Similans eight times and having just returned from an awesome trip in Sipidan, this just threw me for a loop. Is it true that buddy diving is illegal in Thailand? Please feel free to contact Mike Herz at ( – that is his email) if you want to contact him directly.

    With thanks
    Gareth Seltzer

  2. gareth seltzer says:

    PLEASE AMEND – NOT THAT THERE IS AN ERROR IN PREVIOUS POST – It should read “while Manta Divers required us to be part of a group” rather than referencing Sea Dragon Divers.


    Well, I now know the answer courtesy of the awesome dive team at Sea Dragon Divers. It is not a PADI rule, as I suspected – although Manta Divers said it was. Buddy diving is absolutely fine, as we knew. You are, however, required to be guided by a divemaster as a consequence of the Similan Island National Park Authority. So while Sea Dragon required us to be part of a group and in not a very nice way, Sea Dragon said of course, we get this quite frequently, and we would be happy to assign you a private divemaster. And for 1,000 bhat (about $30cdn), we had a private divemaster for the day so that we could buddy dive and be in compliance with the Similan rule. Done.

    I will say this – the more we spoke to people the more we learned about the approach of different dive shops in the area. There were several that stood out as having quite unfavourable reputations (fair or unfair – this is just the way it was) and several that had exceptional reputations (those are almost always earned). Sea Dragon was outstanding in their professionalism, understanding our objectives and exceeding them. Bravo Sea Dragon Diving, Khao Lak. And Mike Herz at MantaPoint – you have no idea what you missed!

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