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Over the last six or seven months since Lanta Diver started this year's high season in October 2008, much has happened. Except for the unfortunate events in Bangkok recently, Koh Lanta has been completely undisturbed and still is, as it always has been, one of Thailand's most precious kept secrets. Now for the first time since Lanta Diver opened 10 years ago, the dive center will remain open all year running day trips and courses!

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For the past 2 weeks on every trip to Hin Muang & Hin Daeng, we have seen several manta rays and whale sharks. On some of the dives we even saw manta and the whale sharks swiming side by side. The diving at the moment since the begiining of May has been just tremendous! The diving is great, the visibility is awesome and we're having loads of fun. Come and join us!

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Whale shark passing Koh Ha One (Koh Ha North or Koh Ha Nua) see dive site map 2 days in a roll 28th - 29th March 2009.
Koh Ha is a local dive that we arrange for 3 days per week but this trip is very special because we have a lucky person who just finished Open Water Course and decide to make fun dive with us. On 28th March 09, our 1st dive we went to 20 meters then up to around 15 - 16 meters. When we try to find special marine life on , my buddy tapping us to turn to the right side. Suddenly, the great marine life of this trip shown up. We scream with happiness even though we have regulator in our mouth.

Dive site : Koh Ha
Location : Koh Ha One (Koh Ha Nua or Koh Ha North)
Depth : 16 m.
Visibilities : 10 m.
Size of whale shark : 4 m.
Number of whale shark : 2 

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Some photos from our recent two day one night Hin Daeng Hin Muang over night live aboard.
The trip set out at 7am dived hin daeng and Hin Muang  spent the night on the boat at Koh Ha
ith a night dive two mor dives on Koh Ha and one more on Shark point Phi Phi ( Hin Lore )  the way home back by 8pm IMG_36242.jpg
IMG_3662.jpg live aboard ppscuba (4).jpg

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for boat internet size.jpgSo we have reached the end of the peak season and things here are becoming more relaxed at last. The weather is still very calm and our favorite dive sites are all accessible on a daily basis. Lately ( in the last week) we have seen whale sharks on Bida Nok and Bida Nai, black tip reef sharks in schools on Phi Phi Ley & beautiful visibility on Koh Ha with Mantas at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. The wreck of the king cruiser is as usual teeming with large schools of fish. To the left is a picture of our fleet of 5 boats.

Diving on Koh Lanta Now you will lucky to see Mantas Ray at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.



Divers under Manta ray.
The season is now in full swing on Koh Phi Phi with a variety of destinations available ranging from the picturesque Koh Haa, the more adventurous 3-dive wreck trip to the very satisfying local dive sites where whale shark was spotted as recently as 3 days ago! Other species to be found range from leopard sharks to moray eels with everything in between such as lion fish, turtle, sea snake, frog fish, pipe fish, clown fish seahorse, angel fish, black tip reef shark and many more. Needless to say, your odds are greatly enhanced the longer you stay underwater!

So visit Koh Phi Phi Island and experience the best live shore diving in Thailand with Phi Phi Scuba Diving center!
Go to:
Phi Phi Scuba Diving Center
The High season is here at last with conditions good enough to dive not just Phi Phi Marine Parks many sites
but also the King Cruiser wreck, Koh Ha Five islands , Hin Deng Hin Maung!!!
Also Its turning out to be a great season for whale Sharks and Manta rays with over 15 whale sharks sighted since mid September and Mantas on the majority of Hin Deng trips
see you all soon.

 We were at Sail Rock yesterday and the viz was still 10-15 metres, which is great for this time of year.

Although no Whale Shark, the big schools of trevaly, snapper and fusiliers are still there and the big Baracuda seem to be getting bigger. And the Giant Moray was back in his favourite spot just along from the window of the chimney at 11m. Thumbnail image for Giant Moray  

Great Dive on King Cruiser wreck

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Yet another gorgeous day on the azure Andaman Sea, with brilliant sun and beaming smiles all around the boat. The dive on the King Cruiser began with moderate current, dropping down the stern onto the leeward side of the wreck to view the intact massive propellers, followed by a leisurely cruise along the port side spotting multiple species of colorful frilly nudibranch and lurking bearded scorpion fish. Pushing around the bow to view packs of hunting lionfish, we then moved on to a cinematic drift dive down the starboard side among enveloping clouds of snapper and fusiliers. We had a lot of happy divers with big smiles on their faces on the way back!

There was a 5/6m female Whale Shark at Sail Rock again yesterday. She stayed around the site most of the day, including swimming around the boat on our surface interval so we could all go snorkelling with her. Viz was about 15m and everybody had a great day.

WS SR1610 092.jpg

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