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the day started relaxed...but that was just the quiet before the storm.
after watching a few chapters on the dvd suddenly someone walked in with a baby on her arm, completely in panic.. time for 1 off the EFR candidates to get into action.
after trying to get some air into the babies lungs they found out that the airway was blocked, few good hits on the back and out it came.....first emergency response of the day succesfull.
then we decided to get some of the local thai kids in, put some ketchup on them and put them outside in the middle of the pier,-which is really busy with tourists- under a bike...time for the next response.
again after a few minutes and a few bandages -and a few surprised onlookers- 2 children saved!!!!
and after a few more scenarios and the final exam - and a lot of fun- we turned 4 divers into qualified emergency first responders for children, one of them was so happy with it that she decided to become an EFR instructor to, and as i write this she is taking the EFR instructor course with Kristel Golsteyn (our boss) at BB divers.

2008-2009 Open Season Koh Lanta

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First EFR Course Couple.
We are so glad to welcome a couple, Milly from UK. and Matt from Australia. They take PADI EFR (Emergency First Response) with Go Dive in October 2008, and then PADIRescue Diver Course also. You can see their photos and videos at be my guest blog. If you are interested in any PADI courses, please contact us. We will serve you with the best value.

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