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Some photos from our recent two day one night Hin Daeng Hin Muang over night live aboard.
The trip set out at 7am dived hin daeng and Hin Muang  spent the night on the boat at Koh Ha
ith a night dive two mor dives on Koh Ha and one more on Shark point Phi Phi ( Hin Lore )  the way home back by 8pm IMG_36242.jpg
IMG_3662.jpg live aboard ppscuba (4).jpg

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for boat internet size.jpgSo we have reached the end of the peak season and things here are becoming more relaxed at last. The weather is still very calm and our favorite dive sites are all accessible on a daily basis. Lately ( in the last week) we have seen whale sharks on Bida Nok and Bida Nai, black tip reef sharks in schools on Phi Phi Ley & beautiful visibility on Koh Ha with Mantas at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. The wreck of the king cruiser is as usual teeming with large schools of fish. To the left is a picture of our fleet of 5 boats.

Great Deals For Diving In Thailand!

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The diving conditions are pretty amazing on the Anadaman coast right now with very calm seas, little wind, good visibility, lots of reports of Mantas and Whale sharks, and best of all, very few divers.

Thanks to the Airport problems last year, Thailand has it's lowest level of tourist visitors in years. Bad news? Not if you like empty beaches, uncrowded dive sites and very low rates for hotel rooms. The Thai government are also talking about FREE visas and half price flights with Thai Airways. Grab a deal while they last!
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The season is now in full swing on Koh Phi Phi with a variety of destinations available ranging from the picturesque Koh Haa, the more adventurous 3-dive wreck trip to the very satisfying local dive sites where whale shark was spotted as recently as 3 days ago! Other species to be found range from leopard sharks to moray eels with everything in between such as lion fish, turtle, sea snake, frog fish, pipe fish, clown fish seahorse, angel fish, black tip reef shark and many more. Needless to say, your odds are greatly enhanced the longer you stay underwater!

So visit Koh Phi Phi Island and experience the best live shore diving in Thailand with Phi Phi Scuba Diving center!
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The High season is here at last with conditions good enough to dive not just Phi Phi Marine Parks many sites
but also the King Cruiser wreck, Koh Ha Five islands , Hin Deng Hin Maung!!!
Also Its turning out to be a great season for whale Sharks and Manta rays with over 15 whale sharks sighted since mid September and Mantas on the majority of Hin Deng trips
see you all soon.

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