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On the 28th Febuary everybody climbed aboard M.V.Evolution at 6am and we all made our way to the PAK 1 vertical wreck. As the shotline was laid and the first check was made the visibilty was 35 metres and the water was blue blue blue. Most divers made 3 dives all on nitrox and some with tec rigs DIR style as this is becoming a more than popular way to dive to see everything under 30metres. We have all of the equipment for sale and rent and tec courses from DSAT and TDI as well as the only dive centre to offer 50%, 80%, 100%, and helium mixes for the serious divers. Now well equipped on the boat for emergency situations you can dive deep and safe with us. Check out the video now!!

Great Dive on King Cruiser wreck

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Yet another gorgeous day on the azure Andaman Sea, with brilliant sun and beaming smiles all around the boat. The dive on the King Cruiser began with moderate current, dropping down the stern onto the leeward side of the wreck to view the intact massive propellers, followed by a leisurely cruise along the port side spotting multiple species of colorful frilly nudibranch and lurking bearded scorpion fish. Pushing around the bow to view packs of hunting lionfish, we then moved on to a cinematic drift dive down the starboard side among enveloping clouds of snapper and fusiliers. We had a lot of happy divers with big smiles on their faces on the way back!

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