Monday, July 05, 2010
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Free Marine Life Slate

marineslateWith each booking we give you a FREE Common Marine Life of Thailand identification slate worth 10 Euros to help you identify what you see. Thailand has some of the most spectacular marine life in the world in its tropical waters. This slate shows you actual pictures of the most common fish and coral. Best of all it's waterproof so you can take it diving. A great momento of your trip !

*** LIMITED OFFER - Whilst Stocks Last ***

Liveaboard and Dive Bookings

sam-6Booking Dive Trips, Courses or Liveaboards is easy. You can browse the various companies, and enquire accordingly. Or, for an easy life, supply us your Approximate Dates, Destination and Budget and we will supply you with suitable options. All of our affiliated operators are experienced and professional and won't disappoint.
Best of All We Can Find You the Best Deal . . .

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